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Paper Bag Printing Singapore, Paper Bags Printing – One of the best marketing tools.

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Paper Bag Printing Singapore


, Paper Bags Printing – One of the best marketing tools. 

Retail shopping has grown exponentially in the last few decades since large department stores.

Affordable Kraft Paper Bag Printing in Singapore. From a marketing perspective, printing paper bags, custom printed paper bags is one of the best marketing tools, provide you with new advertising space and are a great marketing way to promote your brand from the moment users carry it.

Printed Paper Bags is using offset Printing.

Print Paper Bag with us. Design using our paper bag templates. To do printing of your paper bag, simply select the available requirement in our website price check.

Paper Bag Printing is commonly known as Shopping Bag Printing in Singapore

We offer Quality Paper Bag Printing with lamination. Available in Spot UV paper bag, Hot-stamping paper bag, etc.

Engage us should you require one of the best urgent printed paper bags with customized paper bag printing

Paper Bag Printing Singapore – Getting One of Benefit for the Best Marketing Tools. If you are looking for a marketing tool that is not only economical but environment-friendly

Are you considering using paper bag printing for your business? We can show you important details to help you make the right decision. You can choose different sizes of paper bags. Choosing the right paper bags for your business may be challenging. Paper bags are available in white and brown. Brown paper bags are used more than white paper bags. However, if you want to attract customers, white handbags can highlight your brand’s logo and have a cleaner appearance. It does not matter which color you choose, because both colors have a thick structure that can resist cracking and tearing.

Which one should you choose?

Are you operating a restaurant or a small delicatessen? Shopping bags or lunch paper bags with handles are your best choice. The grocery store needs something heavyweight. It all depends on the type of services or products you sell. Below are some useful details about paper bag type, capacity, width, average length, and height dimensions.

Advantage: Many people already know that paper bags are 100% reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Compared with the use of plastic bags, many paper bags can withstand greater weight or pressure. It also reduces the risk of choking animals and young children.

Disadvantage: Compared with plastic bags, one of the disadvantages of using paper bags is that they are not waterproof. Using paper bags is more expensive than using plastic bags. It may also take up more storage space than plastic bags and is also heavy.

There are advantages and disadvantages, but it also depends on what your brand supports. Nowadays, people are paying attention to the environment, and many people think that using paper is more beneficial than using plastic bags. Today, many companies are turning to paper bags, not only for environmental reasons but also because of the marketing advantages they provide.

  • Lunch Bags

– Capacity: 1/2 – 6 lb.

– Length: 12″

– Width: 3 – 6 1/4″

– Height: 4 – 11″

  • Grocery Bags

– Capacity: 1 – 28 lb.

– Length: 18″

– Width: 2 – 13″

– Height: 6 – 19″

  • Beer, Liquor, and Wine Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: Varies

– Width: 2 – 11″

– Height: 10 – 17″

  • Baguette Bread Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: —

– Width: 3 – 6 1/2″

– Height: 13 – 29″

  • Produce Bags

– Capacity: 1/4 – 2 pk.

– Length: Varies

– Width: 5 – 9″

– Height: 7 – 12 1/2″

  • Resealable Tin Tie Coffee Bags

– Capacity: 1/2 – 9 lb.

– Length: 8 3/4″

– Width: 3 – 7 1/2″

– Height: 6 – 17″

  • Merchandise Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: 3 – 7 ½”

– Width: 5 – 21″

– Height: 8 – 24″

Note: The length here is just the estimated dimension from side to side of the base of the bag. Width is the dimension from front to back of the base of the bag.