About Us

eight.sg is maintained by PRINT ARENA PTE LTD, an established marketing and printing company providing Cheap Flyer Printing and Flyer Distribution services. We strive to specialised in helping small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) to increase their sales with our various forms of flyer printing and flyer distribution services as well as marketing services.

Our vision
to be the best flyer printing and flyer distribution marketing service provider.

Our mission
to provide the best quality product and services to our customers.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Because we are always ready to serve you!
  2. Because we know that you are looking for 100% RELIABILITY & TRUST
  3. Because we have been in this line for more than 5 years, with our FULL-TIME DISTRIBUTION TEAM, and our fixed assets in office, warehousing facilities and also a PAID-UP CAPITAL of SGD 50,000

Do You Know?
Many unsuspecting clients were actually upset,disappointed, or even cheated of their money by the “services” provided by “fly by night” distribution companies. Please note that we realize some of the distribution companies in the market today DO NOT EVEN HAVE ANY PHYSICAL OFFICE at all or their full time business are actually in totally non related industries, such as tuition, web hosting etc.

Print Arena Pte Ltd is one of the largest service providers that provide one-stop printing and distribution services that include design, offset flyer printing within 48 hours and distribution services. Being one of the fastest printing service providers in Singapore for many years ( Since Year 2007 ) , we understand the crucial need of our clients. The element of speed is the key for success marketing. We advise, we deliver and we achieve.

We have a pool of reliable and dedicated full time flyer distributors that provide 24/7 speedy island-wide flyer distribution. Our main distribution services include HDB door to door, landed door to door, Condo Distribution Via Singapore Post, HDB Letterbox distribution, and car drop with as much as 50,000 flyers or leaflets per day.

Our Esteemed Clients include MNCs, retailers, real estates, tuition centre, salon, fitness centre, renovation and many others. We are currently one of the sole flyer distribution agency for some of the big printing and property companies.

At Print Arena Pte Ltd, we strongly believe fast quality offset printing and reliable flyer distribution service plays a vital role to our client’s marketing plan. We take pride in our business, stress on excellent customers service and ground operations to ensure customers utmost satisfactions.

Flyers Printing and Distribution Service, The Most Effective Ideas to grow YOUR BUSINESS SALES.

We Strive to keep our Flyers Printing and Flyers Distribution Services Simply Cheap and Affordable, yet no compromise to our Service Quality

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